Start Up!

Level/Grade: 0
Author(s): Liz Jackson
ISBN: 9780273706021

"It does appear to be the perfect handbook for anyone wishing to start their own business, and they certainly could not have a better role model to learn from.  I only hope that it might encourage other young people with innovative ideas." - His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales


You've never run a business before. Now, you're thinking of giving it a go. You've no little handy cash reserves and no wealthy relatives - so you're starting from absolute scratch. Welcome to the ordinary hero's club. You can do it - and this is the book to show you how.

This book takes you through every stage as you follow the real life start up experience of award-winning entrepreneur Liz Jackson’s business start up from her decision to leave her safe job with no cash and nothing to fall back on, to the £2million business employing 100 people she runs today. Packed full of practical advice and tips, it’s as extremely useful as it is inspiring and entertaining.

Country South Africa
Author(s) Liz Jackson
Imprint Pearson
ISBN 9780273706021
eISBN 9780273741626
Format ePub
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