Mind and Heart of the Negotiator, The: Pearson New International Edition

Level/Grade: 0
Author(s): Leigh Thompson
ISBN: 9781292023199

For undergraduate and graduate-level business courses that cover the skills of negotiation.

Delve into the mind and heart of the negotiator in order to enhance negotiation skills.

The Mind and Heart of the Negotiator is dedicated to negotiators who want to improve their ability to negotiate–whether in multimillion-dollar business deals or personal interactions. This text provides an integrated view of what to do and what to avoid at the bargaining table, facilitated by an integration of theory, scientific research, and practical examples.

This edition contains new examples and chapter-opening sections, as well as more than a hundred new scientific articles on negotiations.

Country South Africa
Author(s) Leigh Thompson
Imprint Pearson
ISBN 9781292023199
eISBN 9781292036373
Format ePDF
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