Introduction to Geography: Pearson New International Edition

Level/Grade: 0
Author(s): Carl H. Dahlman
ISBN: 9781292022680

Introduction to Geography: People, Places, & Environment, Fifth Edition emphasizes that what happens in places depends increasingly on what happens among places—and that mapped patterns can be understood only by recognizing the movement that creates and continuously rearranges them. The authors emphasize the integration of various aspects of geographic processes and systems by discussing what happens in one set of geographic processes and how that affects others. For example, what happens in economic systems affects environmental conditions; what happens to climate affects political dynamics. In this text, the major tools, techniques, and methodological approaches of the discipline of geography are introduced.

Country South Africa
Author(s) Carl H. Dahlman
Imprint Pearson
ISBN 9781292022680
eISBN 9781292035888
Format ePDF
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