How to Manage in a Flat World

Level/Grade: 0
Author(s): Susan Bloch
ISBN: 9780273712459

Thanks to the internet and a globalising economy, businesses today are often stretched across different locations and different time zones, and increasingly communicate online rather than face-to-face. For a manager, it is very hard to manage and motivate a team that spans continents. Managing in a Flat World gives today's manager much-needed advice on how to communicate, manage and motivate in the flattened company and how to operate effectively in the flat world.

Within this book, authors Susan Bloch and Philip Whitely expose insights from in-depth interviews and research with managers and leaders in global businesses to show the successes, struggles and triumphs amid a constant battle for balance within a changing world, based on technology. You can learn from their experience how best to collaborate as teams and groups within the flat economy, how to equip yourself as a team leader or team member with fresh ideas on ways of working with your colleagues so as to make the most of the advantages that the networked world can offer.


Country South Africa
Author(s) Susan Bloch
Imprint Pearson
ISBN 9780273712459
eISBN 9780273741244
Format ePub
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