Brilliant Investing

Level/Grade: 0
Author(s): Martin Bamford
ISBN: 9780273714835

For many people, investing money is a risky business. There are always tough decisions to make, which are often perceived to be too complex or too uncertain.


Brilliant Investing offers a clear route to investment success. Free from jargon and focussing only on what you need to know, this book equips you with all the essential skills you need to make smart investment decisions in no time at all.


You’ll not only learn how to make the most of your money, but how to ensure every investment decision you make is a successful one.  There are no ‘get rich quick’ schemes here, instead there are brilliant tips for making those often difficult investment decisions, an understanding of the risks involved and knowing that there is more to investing than just property or the stock market.  


Reading this book will leave you in control of your investments and on the path to becoming brilliant with money.



Country South Africa
Author(s) Martin Bamford
Imprint Pearson
ISBN 9780273714835
eISBN 9780273741183
Format ePub
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