Perspectives in Entrepreneurship: A Research Companion Book 3: Technopreneurship ePDF

Level/Grade: Tertiary
Author(s): Barreira, J; Carmichael, T; Dagada, R; Duneas, N; Smith, P; Urban, B
ISBN: 9781928330271
License: Perpetual licence
File type: ePDF
The series Perspectives in Entrepreneurship: A Research Companion reflects the rigorous research conducted in the growing field of entrepreneurship internationally, and provides an authoritative overview of specialised themes in entrepreneurship.

The series consists of four volumes:
Book 1: Frontiers in Entrepreneurship (available only in print format)
Book 2: The Entrepreneurial Mindset: Cognitions, Motivations and Behaviours
Book 3: Technopreneurship: Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Book 4: Entrepreneurship and Society

Technopreneurism as a social movement implies a fundamental shift in orientation that includes the involvement of universities, schools, government and business in developing technological entrepreneurs (technopreneurs). The development of entrepreneurial capital within developing societies aims to empower people to create their own technological advances and become proactive in improving their overall socio-economic circumstances.

Technopreneurship covers major issues pertaining to technopreneurship as shaped by current research. Organisations study entrepreneurship and its relationship to technology and innovation extensively. Developing strategies for new product technology and technical expertise demonstrate the importance of technology-based new ventures, as illustrated in this book.

Each book provides a valuable knowledge base for educators, third year and postgraduate students, researchers, policy makers and service providers.

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Country South Africa
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Author(s) Barreira, J; Carmichael, T; Dagada, R; Duneas, N; Smith, P; Urban, B
Level/Grade Tertiary
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Imprint Pearson South Africa
ISBN 9781928330271
Licence Perpetual licence
File type ePDF
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