Operations Management 9/E ePDF

Level/Grade: Tertiary
Author(s): Slack, N; Brandon-Jones, A
ISBN: 9781292253985
License: Perpetual licence
File type: ePDF
Operations management is important, exciting, challenging … and everywhere you look!

  • Important, because it enables organisations to provide services and products that we all need;
  • Exciting, because it is central to constant changes in customer preference, networks of supply and demand, and developments in technology;
  • Challenging, because solutions must be must be financially sound, resource-efficient, as well as environmentally and socially responsible; and
  • And everywhere, because in our daily lives, whether at work or at home, we all experience and manage processes and operations.
This eBook is in ePDF format, which enables you to:
  • View the entire book offline on desktop or tablet;
  • Search for and highlight text; and
  • Add and edit personal notes directly in your eBook.
Country South Africa
Product Type Text Book
Author(s) Slack, N; Brandon-Jones, A
Level/Grade Tertiary
Brand Not applicable
Imprint Pearson
ISBN 9781292253985
Licence Perpetual licence
File type ePDF
Format Fixed layout
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