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Do you know what's really standing between you and success at work? It's you! Change your mindset to deal with your business fears and increase your chance of success.

Fear of failure, fear of public speaking, fear of being you, fear of asking for what you want, fear of saying "no" and fear of change, the list is endless and yet we all have fears in business. Fight the Fear will help you get the results you want by helping you to overcome your business fears one step at a time. In short, easy-to-read, jargon-free chapters, you'll discover proven strategies, skills and tools to deal with typical business situations we all dread such as saying no, appearing confident without being arrogant, asking for what you want, public speaking and picking up the phone.

Change the way you look at work, your thoughts, your beliefs, your values and gain the respect you deserve.

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Author(s) Holgate, M
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