Fundamentals of Applied Electromagnetics (Global Edition) 7/E ePDF

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Ulaby, FT; Ravaioli, U


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This widely acclaimed, authoritative text bridges the gap between circuits and electromagnetics material. Coverage begins with transmission lines, leading students from familiar concepts into more advanced topics and applications. A student-friendly approach, full-colour figures and images, and a set of interactive simulations will help students develop a deeper understanding of electromagnetic concepts and applications.

  • Early introduction of transmission lines: Transmission lines constitute a natural bridge between electric circuits and electromagnetics. By introducing transmission lines early, students can use familiar concepts to learn about many of the properties of wave propagation in a guided structure.
  • Updated real-world applications: Expanded technology briefs connect electromagnetic fundamental concepts to their countless real-world engineering and scientific applications.
  • Updated hands-on simulations: A set of 10 additional interactive simulation modules, bringing the total to 52 web-based simulation modules, allow the user to analyse and design transmission line circuits interactively; generate spatial patterns of the electric and magnetic fields induced by charges and currents; visualise in 2D and 3D space how the gradient, divergence, and curl operate on spatial functions; observe the temporal and spatial wave forms of plane waves propagating in lossless and lossy media; calculate and display field distributions inside a rectangular waveguide; and generate radiation patterns for linear antennae and parabolic dishes.
  • Video animations: Show how fields and waves propagate in time and space, how the beam of an antenna array can be made to scan electronically, and examples of how current is induced in a circuit under the influence of a changing magnetic field.
  • Mathematical explanations of physical concepts: Emphasis is placed on using mathematics to explain and clarify the physics, followed by practical examples intended to demonstrate the engineering relevance of physical concepts.
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Author(s) Ulaby, FT; Ravaioli, U
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