Conceptual Physics (Global Edition) 12/E ePDF

Level/Grade: Tertiary
Author(s): Hewitt, PG
ISBN: 9781292057538
License: Perpetual licence
File type: ePDF
Since defining this course 30 years ago, Paul Hewitt's best-selling text continues as the benchmark by which all others are judged. In Conceptual Physics 12th edition, Paul Hewitt makes physics interesting, understandable and relevant for non-science majors. The 12th edition will delight students with informative and fun 'Hewitt-Drew-It' screencasts, updated content and applications.

Hewitt's text is guided by the principle of 'concepts before calculations' and is famous for engaging students with analogies and imagery from the real world that build a strong conceptual understanding of physical principles ranging from classical mechanics to modern physics.

This programme presents a better teaching and learning experience – for you and your students. Here's how:
  • Prepare for lecture: NEW! 100 'Hewitt-Drew-It' screencasts explain physics concepts through animation and narration. The new screencasts, accessed through QR codes in the textbook, enable students to engage with the physics concepts more actively outside of class.
  • Make physics delightful: Relevant and accessible narrative, analogies from real-world situations, and simple representations of the underlying mathematical relationships make physics more appealing to students.
  • Build a strong conceptual understanding of physics: Students gain a solid understanding of physics through practise and problem solving in the book.
This eBook is in ePDF format, which enables you to:
  • View the entire book offline on desktop or tablet;
  • Search for and highlight text; and
  • Add and edit personal notes directly in your eBook.
Country South Africa
Product Type Text Book
Author(s) Hewitt, PG
Level/Grade Tertiary
Brand Pearson
Imprint Pearson
ISBN 9781292057538
Licence Perpetual licence
File type ePDF
Format Fixed layout
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