Quantum Mechanics (Pearson New International Edition) ePDF

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McIntyre, D; Manogue, CA; Tate, J


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This text approaches quantum mechanics in a manner more closely aligned with the methods used in real modern physics research. McIntyre, Manogue and Tate aim to ground the student's knowledge in experimental phenomena and use a more approachable, less intimidating, more powerful mathematical matrix model. Beginning with the Stern-Gerlach experiments and the discussion of spin measurements, and using bra–ket notation, Quantum Mechanics introduces students to an important notational system that is used throughout quantum mechanics.

This non-traditional presentation is designed to enhance students' understanding and strengthen their intuitive grasp of the subject, and has been class tested extensively. The text takes advantage of the versatile SPINS software that allows the student to simulate Stern-Gerlach measurements in succession. This interaction gets to the heart of quantum mechanics and introduces the student to the mathematics they will be using throughout the course.

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Author(s) McIntyre, D; Manogue, CA; Tate, J
Level/Grade Tertiary
Brand Pearson New International Edition
Imprint Pearson
ISBN 9781292034089
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