From Snapshots to Great Shots: Time Lapse Photography, Long Exposure & Other Tricks of Time ePUB

Level/Grade: Professional
Author(s): Carucci, J
ISBN: 9780134429175
License: Perpetual licence
File type: ePub
In the newest entry in Peachpit's popular From Snapshots to Great Shots series, photographer John Carucci shares amazing techniques for creative time-related photography techniques, including long-exposure, time-lapse, and high-speed photography.

Carucci starts by reviewing your equipment needs, including filters, image stabilisers (tripods, monopods, beanbags, etc.), software and more. Next, he explains the basics of long-exposure photography, demonstrating how effectively to capture time in night time cityscapes, photos of the night sky and in brighter light using neutral density filters. Along the way, you'll learn the fundamentals of blurring, shooting in RAW and balancing flash and ambient light. He then walks through the essentials of time-lapse photography: how to regulate your camera's motion, determine the best duration to use and use software to perfect your images. Carucci's time-lapse section is complemented with a complete online video tutorial on capturing effective time-lapse sequences.

You'll also find expert coverage of high-speed photography, including choosing shutter speed, stopping action with flash, shooting sports and more. Carucci concludes by helping you develop and perfect your own aesthetic, with tips on properly framing your scenes, creative composition and effective use of colour and tone.

From Snapshots to Great Shots: Time Lapse Photography, Long Exposure & Other Tricks of Time features beautiful, full colour images, clear design and John Carucci's friendly, knowledgeable voice. It's a pleasure to learn from and if you've ever wanted to master any of these techniques, it's the guide you've been waiting for.

Benefits of the ePUB format​ include:​
  • The ability to view on ​a ​desktop computer, notebook or tablet;
  • The ability to adjust fonts, rotate and flip pages, causing content to reflow to fit the device's screen giving the user a more flexible experience; and
  • The ability to take notes, highlight and bookmark.
Country South Africa
Product Type Text Book
Author(s) Carucci, J
Level/Grade Professional
Brand Not applicable
Imprint Peachpit Press
ISBN 9780134429175
Licence Perpetual licence
File type ePub
Format ePUB3
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