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Level/Grade: Professional
Author(s): Tarlinder, A
ISBN: 9780134291086
License: Perpetual licence
File type: ePub
To build high-quality software, you need to write testable code. That's harder than it seems: it requires insights drawn from arenas ranging from software craftsmanship to unit testing, refactoring to test-driven development. Most programming books either discuss testing only briefly, or drill down on just one or two techniques, with little guidance on how to verify code systematically. On the other hand, most testing books focus on a specific testing process, without showing how to write software that can be easily and systematically tested. In Developer Testing, leading software engineering consultant Alexander Tarlinder strikes an optimal balance, integrating insights from multiple disciplines to help frustrated practitioners get better results.

Drawing on his extensive experience as a mentor and trainer, he offers insights that help you accelerate through the typical software assurance learning curve, so you can progress far more rapidly.

Tarlinder organises his insights into 'chunks' to help you quickly absorb key concepts, and focuses on technology-agnostic approaches you can keep using with any new language, platform or toolset. Along the way, he answers many questions development teams often ask about testing, including:
  • What makes code testable? What makes it hard to test?
  • When have I done enough testing on a piece of code?
  • How many unit tests do I need to write?
  • Exactly what should my test verify?
  • How do I transform monolithic legacy code into manageable pieces I can test?
  • What's the best way to structure my tests?
The first guide to cover testing mindset, techniques and applications from the developer's perspective, Developer Testing will help developers get what they really want: better code.

Benefits of the ePUB format​ include:​
  • The ability to view on ​a ​desktop computer, notebook or tablet;
  • The ability to adjust fonts, rotate and flip pages, causing content to reflow to fit the device's screen giving the user a more flexible experience; and
  • The ability to take notes, highlight and bookmark.
Country South Africa
Product Type Text Book
Author(s) Tarlinder, A
Level/Grade Professional
Brand Addison Wesley Signature Series
Imprint Addison Wesley
ISBN 9780134291086
Licence Perpetual licence
File type ePub
Format ePUB3
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